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Posted on 01-04-2019

Distracted Driving & Auto Accidents

In the United States, auto accidents are one of the leading causes of serious injury and even death. While overpopulated cities and streets lead to more accidents, distracted drivers are also to blame. Over the years, distracted driving has always been a problem. However, with the explosion of technology and what we can do on our smartphones, drivers are becoming more and more distracted behind the wheel. Although there are laws telling us that we can’t use our phones while we drive, millions of people are taking the risk. In this post, we'll discuss the common injuries associated with car accidents and how to seek treatment. 

Common Injuries

Although car accidents can cause issues throughout the body, there are some common injuries associated with these accidents. From minor pain to chronic problems, car accidents can lead to very painful and inconvenient injuries. Here are some common injuries to be aware of:


Being the most common injury from car accidents, whiplash happens to millions every single year. Whiplash is a condition caused by a sudden movement, or jerk, of the head. Our neck and spine aren’t used to the violent thrust that happens in car accidents, so this fast movement can cause a great deal of pain. The most common symptoms of whiplash include neck pain, headaches, and stiffness. It’s normal to see these symptoms vanish within a few weeks. 

Bone Fractures 

Given the fast, jerky movements that occur during auto accidents, bone fractures are also very common. However, by wearing your seatbelt, you can limit these fractures and you might even save your own life. Although bone features can happen anywhere on the body, vehicle accidents usually lead to fractures in the arms, hands, feet, ribs, and legs. 

A Reliable Chiropractor in Troy

If you’re searching for a chiropractor in Troy, Michigan, then be sure to contact Gregg Chiropractic Life Centers for all of your chiropractic needs. From treating an auto accident injury to lifestyle advice and massage therapy, we have the top-notch services you can depend on.

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To make an appointment, stop by our office at 215 E Big Beaver Rd #400, Troy, MI 48083, or give us a call at (248) 435-0925.

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